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I totally love the shape of the bag and the rich leather.

I love the nice leather quality. It has that unconstructed form. I always like standing this duffle bag upright that laying down. I do feel the difference that it is little longer than my usual 21” long duffle bag. It does mention the dimensions of the bag in the description of 24” long. I can just not pack the duffle so full so it can compress closer to 21”. It’s something I will just need to get used to carrying a little bigger duffle. Also keep in mind that the bag and the strap weighs about 7 pounds together. Other than that, it’s a great piece. I’ve only used it once for a three day staycation in Waikiki and it’s a nice solid thing to be carrying around. I’m trying to find any excuse to use this duffle bag. Aloha from Hawaii!

I love this brand so much!!!!

Thank you, this size is perfect for my extended outings. This mocha leather is truly luscious, once again your craftsmanship is far above all others😎

The saddle is gorgeous!!! I asked for more smooth and not so pebbly and it was. I am so happy with this size. I just ordered the medium a few days ago. Love this!!!

Very Large but fantastic quality

Amazing, amazing quality. The squishiness of this navy cow leather is 💯 awesome!!


I got it with the zipper pocket and I love it!

Hello, gorgeous!!

More beautiful than I imagined it could be!! Pebbly, soft, and it smells absolutely intoxicating. This bag is a dream!!!

Leather koozie

Rich leather accents the humble drinking jar whether it be whiskey, hot tea, or a refreshing sangria. You will love using this “cozy” all year long. Very happy with my little “wino” companion.

Love Striations


I love the beautiful blue leather, workmanship and quality of this bag. In fact, I now own several from Go Forth Goods because their quality and pricing are like no other company.

Gorgeous leather, classic style!

First, Caramel is my favorite leather GFG offers. Second, this style is classic and good for every day or dressing up. It will carry the essentials. I added an open back pocket and it is perfect for my iphone pro max with a case on. I switched to black straps and love the contrast. Customer service went over and above to address an issue for me. I have already ordered more bags...

Natural aging

Love it. I have the natural vegetable tanned. I am wearing it everyday to watch how it naturally patinas.

Everything GFG is amazing.

This shorter strap is nice to wet for dinner or when I’m wearing a suit or dress. It’s perfect.

Great bag!!

The bag is very sturdy and with enough space inside. I have gotten compliments on it every time I use it. Definitely would buy again.

Merlot Love

Good size, bigger than you think. Easy carry. Supple leather with the amazing craftsmanship you expect from GFG.

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag!!

Taking a line from James Brown's hit - Mama's got a brand new bag indeed (and a few on the way)!!
I am IN LOVE with the Medium Avery without straps!!
I think the Medium Avery is the Goldilocks size so I decided to try it without straps. It's become one of my top favorites!

I ordered my new beauty in Tan leather which is incredibly beautiful, pliable and an amazing neutral.
I highly recommend you grab Tan while you can if you're considering this limited edition leather.
My next order will be a Large Jane in Tan.

I ❤️ GFG!!

So cute! Every bag needs one!

Every bag needs a little flair and this tassel is it! Grab one in every color-love the GFG stamp on the front too. Nice little detail.

Gorgeous Crimson Jane!

I was blown away when I got my bag. Stunning color and excellent quality and craftsmanship. Will be buying again.

Gorgeous bag!

I got a forest green small Avery with saddle handles (9 inches) and crossbody strap, added d rings, and the standard button stud closure. The leather is such a gorgeous green, the pebbles are amazing and squishy, and I just think saddle and forest look so beautiful together. This is my first GFG bag. Prior to this, I’ve only gone for Portland leather goods bags, which I still love, but GFG feels like it has thicker leather, and I just love the personalization process. For anyone familiar with Portland leather, the small Avery is about the size of a medium crossbody bag by them. The small Avery fits everything I need, plus the added d rings are great so that I can comfortably wear it as a crossbody if I want to. I definitely recommend GFG brand, and I already bought another bag- a forest mini Avery- that I’m excited to receive. I’m more than happy to help support and promote this company!

This is an incredible beautiful bag! Get it I PROMISE you will thank me!!!!