We create modern, stylish men’s duffle bags for those who love to travel and experience new places. No matter where you are in the world, your luggage and travel supplies should be durable for the ride and last a lifetime. Whether you’re camping high up in the mountains or on a short trip to a new metropolis, a leather duffle bag is a crucial sidekick. These cool duffle bags are very spacious, but are also small enough to be used as carry on bags. Pair a men’s travel duffle bag with our other leather travel accessories and you’ll be in great shape.

No matter your need or style, a genuine leather duffle bag is a wonderful option. Our selection includes large duffle bags,leather weekend bags , military duffle bags and more. If leather isn’t your style of choice, we also offer canvas duffle bags. Whatever your style and needs, men’s duffle bags from Go Forth Goods are a sure way to keep your baggage safe, whether you get stuck at the airport or caught in the rain....

Go Forth Goods has a leather duffle bag for every occasion. If you’re planning on taking a long trip, our large duffle bags can fit everything you need, with room to spare. But, they aren’t so big that you’ll need to risk losing your bag by checking it at the airport. Every one of our large leather duffle bags are still able to fit into the overhead bins on a plane --- or comfortably into the back of your car without taking up too much space.

If you prefer shorter trips, we have a small duffle bag that will fit your style! Our leather weekender duffle bags are durable for every situation, whether you’re trekking into the mountains or just the in-law’s house. Leather duffle bags made in USA mean durability, and our lifetime guarantee ensures you never have to worry about your leather duffle bag breaking

The Perfect Duffle Bag for Weekend Trips

Take a quick look online, and you’ll find tons of options for weekender bags. You may find some made from fabric or nylon, and you may even find a “genuine” leather duffle bag. But none of these options are as durable as a real leather weekender bag.

These cheaper products tend to break pretty easily. Nylon and fabric are liable to tear or stain. “Genuine leather” is pretty much the worst leather you could buy; it’s made with the leftover leather after the high-quality material is used for other purposes. Sure, you can find a bag that’s cheaper than a real leather weekender bag, but don’t be surprised if you have to buy a new one every few months.

A leather weekender bag from Go Forth Goods will last for years. In fact, it may even outlast you! With one of our leather weekender bags, you can be sure you won’t have to worry about your bag breaking when you’re away from home. In fact, we guarantee it.

Leather Duffle Bags for Long Travel

Weekend trips are great, and our weekender bags are the perfect size for short expeditions. But what about those long trips? Whether you’re going across the state or across the world, you need a leather duffle bag that can handle the trip. After all, there are few things worse than having a bag rip while you’re away from home.

That exact scenario is what led to the founding of Go Forth Goods. Our founder, Nathan, was packing for a family trip when his bag ripped. Unable to find an American-made high quality bag, he decided to start making his own.

Now, whenever Nathan goes out of town on a short or long trip, he always uses a leather duffle bag from Go Forth Goods not because it’s his brand, but because he knows he can rely on its durability. You can, too. Whether you’re going on vacation at the beach or heading across the globe for a business meeting, a leather duffle bag from Go Forth Goods is the stylish and practical solution for your baggage needs.

Leather Duffle Bag Accessories

Having just a leather duffle bag can get you far. But with the right accessories, your leather duffle bag could be complemented by all the leather goods you need for your everyday life, as well as your travels. While some of these accessories are for your bag, others are great standalone products to complete your collection.

Consider the upkeep needed for your leather duffle bag. You could buy tons of different waxes, creams and other products that may or may not work. Or, you could simply use our old fashioned leather ointment, perfectly formulated to keep our leather duffle bags looking good for years to come.

Besides caring for the bag itself, Go Forth Goods has a wide variety of leather accessories to last a lifetime. From wallets to passport covers to clutches, you can protect your most important assets in a stylish, durable way. Plus, with the room in the leather duffle bag, you can fit all of these accessories inside to take with you on long or short trips.

You can also personalize your leather duffle bag with our accessories. Specifically, an additional leather strap can either replace your old one, or give you an extra strap to carry your leather duffle bag like a backpack. We also offer leather luggage tags so you can make sure you can always identify your bag, and it can find its way back to you if you ever misplace it.

Heavy Duty Leather Duffle Bags

Let’s face it: A high-quality leather duffle bag made in USA can be expensive. So, you want to make sure it lasts a long time, and can stand up to the wear and tear of use. Leather duffle bags from Go Forth Goods are designed to stand the test of time. With the proper care, our leather duffle bags may even outlast you! In fact, we’re so confident in the durability of our heavy duty leather duffle bags, we guarantee every single one for a lifetime.

Of course, leather isn’t the only material you can make heavy duty duffle bags out of. We also offer waxed canvas duffle bags. These bags are more water resistant than leather, but they’re also a bit stiffer. The look of each heavy duty duffle bag is different, but both will stand the test of time with proper care.

If you do choose a leather duffle bag, there are a few different styles to choose from. One of our most popular is the military style. The military duffle bag is designed to be extremely durable and go with you wherever you go. The marriage of style and functionality makes it the perfect heavy duty leather duffle bag for just about any occasion.

How to Care For Your Duffle Bag

While a leather duffle bag from Go Forth Goods is guaranteed for life, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it, if for no other reason than aesthetics. At Go Forth Goods, we only use full grain and top grain leather. These are the highest quality leathers, and they do require upkeep.

Full grain leather is exactly what it sounds like. We use the entire hide, which means we don’t take out the natural blemishes. Top grain leather can absorb water, making it splotchy and even damaged. However, that condition isn’t irreversible. By applying our old fashioned leather ointment regularly and gently removing spots with cold water and leather soap, you can maintain that rustic look without having your bag look damaged. In fact, with proper care, full grain leather only looks better with look.

For those who don’t like the full grain look, we also use top grain leather. With top grain leather, the top layer of blemished hide is removed. What’s left is sanded and refinished to get rid of scars, scrapes and other blemishes. However, heavy wear and tear is not great for top grain leather, so we usually don’t use it for our leather duffle bags. We do use it for other accessories, like wallets and some satchels.

Caring for top grain leather is similar to care for full grain leather. However, because top grain leather has a light treatment, it only needs to be oiled every six months to a year. Any spots you see on the leather should be cleaned with cold water and For those who love the look of top grain leather accessories, upkeep is crucial.

Caring for wax canvas duffle bags is similar. While the wax provides a protective coating for the bag, it will deteriorate over time. If you find spots on the bag, clean them gently with cold water and mild soap. Never use detergent or hot water. If it needs a deep cleaning, take it to the dry cleaners. Every six months to a year, rewax the bag, especially the spots where the wax is thin. You can either do this yourself following an online guide, or get it done professionally.

Why Get a Leather Duffle Bag?

Yes, leather duffle bags made in USA are more expensive than their cloth counterparts. But, they’ll also last practically forever with the right care. A leather duffle bag from Go Forth Goods is perfect for every occasion. You don’t need five different bags for different length trips. Instead, use a leather duffle bag.

A leather duffle bag from Go Forth Goods is designed to go wherever you go, whether you need a small duffle bag to take to the gym after work or a large duffle bag for a trip across the globe for vacation. Whatever your luggage needs, a leather duffle bag is the right solution, and the American-made leather duffle bags from Go Forth Goods are the right choice!


Customer Reviews

Ordered a money clip and belt for our 25 yo son at the Cincinnati Holiday market. They arrived yesterday- he loves them, and so did my husband! We will definitely be ordering again.  I suggested to our son, that either would make an excellent gift for the guys in wedding. Hope to see you in Cincinnati again next year!

-Julie Schmidt

I've purchased several items from GFG and been happy with all of them and will def be getting more. Hoping to have a custom piece done soon as well. If you're looking for quality leather goods I def recommend the guys over at GFG.

-Sylver Chavez

Absolutely love the Harris leather briefcase I bought. Customer service is great (needed a longer strap and Nathan replaced it for me) and the bag has been very durable. I plan to use it for many years!

- Seung Youl Paik

The Mocha leather Duffel is outstanding. Great customer service...Made in the USA. Nathan, the owner, was a no pressure honest broker. If  you want a classic leather duffel, check these guys out!

-Nick Casalanguida

I just received my second custom order, and I am completely thrilled with the result.  Absolutely beautiful leather, and beautifully handmade items.  Nathan was such a pleasure to work with,  excellent and quick communication.  I will most certainly be back again in the future.

-Noelle Walters

Fantastic well made product. Love my new wallet and my wife loves her new handbag. Great Brand.

-Jordan Wilson

Love this place and the products definitely recommend for leather goods.

-Brandon Engels

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10” X 20” Go Forth Goods William Leather Weekender, William Waxed Canvas Weekender
12” X 24” Go Forth Goods Gunnar Leather Duffle, William Waxed Canvas Duffle, Expedition Leather Duffle, William Leather Zippered Duffle
11” X 18” Go Forth Goods Hoffman Leather Weekender
10” X 20” Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Duffle Bag
11” X 18.5” Kenneth Cole Just the Two of Us Duffel
11” X 20” Piel 20in Duffel Bag
13” X 17” Piel Deluxe Carry-on Duffel
11.5” X 20” Cole Haan Wayland Duffle
11” X 17.5” Cole Haan Brayton Duffle
10.5” X 17.5” Gucci Ohidia GG Medium Carry-on
13” X 20.5” Gucci Ohidia Gg Large Carry-on
13.25” X 21” Frye Logan Overnight Bag
12” X 19” Frye Oliver Overnight Bag