Your Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Products for Leather Lovers

Your Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Products for Leather Lovers

Christmas, Hanukkah and other gift-giving holidays are right around the corner. If you’re like many, you may be struggling to find that perfect gift --- or at least one that hasn’t been given over and over through the years.

A leather duffle bag is a beautiful, practical gift that just about anyone can enjoy. But if you want to go a step further, or the person you’re buying a gift for already has a leather duffle bag, consider some of these other products that leather lovers are sure to enjoy.

Fill their stocking (or leather duffle bag!) with some of these great products, recommended by Go Forth Goods founder Nathan Martin:

1. Oak Street Bookmakers Brown Vibram Sole Trail Oxfords

“This company is making, in my opinion, the best quality American Made boots you can buy,” Nathan says. Go Forth Goods knows good leather, and these Oxfords are well-crafted to last a long time. They go great with just about every outfit you can think of!

Price: $326

2. You Can Handlebar Devotion Beard Oil

This beard oil is perfect for those who like a soft beard, but don’t want to smell like they just “stepped out of the forest or wood shop,” Nathan says. Instead, this beard oil provides a nice, fresh, natural scent.

Price: $20

3. Billiam Jeans

Made in Greenville, South Carolina, Billiam jeans can’t come more recommended by Nathan. “I’ve owned a pair of these jeans for over a year now, and they are by far my favorite pair of jeans.”

Price: $250 for most jeans

4. ASW Distillery Resurgens Rye

Anyone looking for whiskey from a small distillery can’t go wrong with ASW Resurgens Rye. Fermented and distilled in a unique way, Atlanta-based ASW earned a Double Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Price: Varies

5. Terrane Glass Oklahoma Whiskey Set

Handblown in South Carolina, this decanter and glass set “keeps your favorite fifth of bourbon or scotch stored and looking good on display for the for those perfect nights,” Nathan says. It’s a perfect complement to ASW Distillery whiskey.

Price: $40 - $290, depending on the set

Go Forth Go Products You Can’t Go Wrong With.

If the person you’re buying for already has a leather duffle bag, why not get them other hand-crafted leather products to go with it? Here are some of Nathan’s favorite products that he uses every day:

1. Single Wallet in Saddle

This wallet is big enough to carry at least 20 cards, plus cash, and still fits into the front pocket. While the finish is your choice, “Choosing the natural color allowed it age naturally over time, and now it’s a nice dark honey brown,” Nathan says.

2. Classic Belt in Saddle with Antique Brass Buckle

One look at this belt, and you can just tell why it’s Nathan’s favorite. It looks good with just about any outfit, and it only gets better with age. If you wear more black than brown, go for the black leather belt. Plus, there are various metals available for those with a specific metal allergy.

3. Apple Watch Strap in Mocha

One of the great things about Apple Watches is being able to switch out the bands for any occasion. When Nathan needs to look stylish and sharp, he goes for the Apple Watch Strap. It’s durable, comfortable and just looks good.

4. Fish Hook Key Chain

The Fish Hook Key Chain is minimalistic, but provides great function. “Simply slide it over your belt loop and tuck your keys into one of your back pockets, or just let it hang,” Nathan says. He uses it every day to make sure his keys don’t get lost.

Our Favorite Leather Duffle Bags

If you’re shopping for leather duffle bags, but don’t know where to start, Nathan has some ideas for that, too. He highly recommends:

1. Grant Rucksack in Saddle

This is Nathan’s favorite bag. He loads it up with his laptop for work, or with everything he needs for a hike in a national park. Plus, the outside pocket makes it easy to access items like a water bottle. The oil tanned leather is water resistant, making it perfect for any weather.

2. Gunnar Duffle in Saddle

For longer trips, Nathan always grabs his Gunnar leather duffle bag. It’s an easy bag to just load up and go, and it’s the perfect size for week-long trips. Plus, using it in backpack mode with an additional strap is incredibly helpful at the airport.

Still Not Sure What to Get? We Can Help!

We hope this gift guide has provided some insight into your leather lover’s mind. But if you’re still not sure what to get, we can help! Our leather duffle bags are always a great gift, and leather accessories and care products will always be welcome.

Give our leather experts a call and let us help you make this gift-giving season a success!
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