April 18, 2018 4 min read

How to Find the Perfect Leather Gift for Every Type of Friend

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life is never easy.

With online shopping and almost instantaneous delivery, most of our gift recipients are going to be the “man or woman that has everything” – simply because they have the capabilities to get their hands on anything and everything they want faster than ever before.

This has made giving a world-class gift a bit more challenging, especially if you want to surprise them with something they wouldn’t have expected but still something that they are going to love and cherish.

Our leather goods are always going to put a smile on that special someone’s face, and we’ve put together this quick gift guide to help you find the perfect something for that special someone!

The Outdoor Adventurer

Finding the perfect gift for the explorer and adventurer in your life can be a bit of a tall task.

Those that spend more time outdoors than indoors are always meticulous about the gear they bring with them on an adventure, regardless of whether that adventure is anticipated to last a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

Outdoor adventurers know that when they step off the beaten path and get away from the pavement, everything they bring with them must be able to pull its own weight, and that’s what makes the Go Forth Goods backpacks and duffel bags so special.

The Grant Leather Roll Top Rucksack backpack from Go Forth Goods has been designed with adventures in mind. Made from rugged and durable full grain leather that is strong and relatively lightweight (and will also look better with age), this is the perfect bag to stow all your gear in when you head out into the woods.

The Gunnar Duffle Bag is built around the same kind of duffle bags handed out by the US military to soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen. Designed to handle tough duty out in the woods or to be the perfect complement for an overnight stay somewhere a bit more civilized, it’s a top option for the adventurer in your life.

The Urban Professional

Life in the urban jungle is more competitive than it’s ever been in human history, and you’re going to need every advantage to succeed in today’s lightning fast paced business environment.

The Go Forth Goods Harris Briefcase is an ideal companion for your urban professional. It offers two outside pockets with snaps and zips for quick access as well as internal pockets – including a laptop pocket that fits a device up to 15 inches without any issue – to help keep you organized without compromising on storage space.

Handmade with reinforced saddle stitching throughout the full grain leather materials, this is a briefcase that tells the world that you have arrived. The leather looks fantastic right out of the box, but it’s going to color, patina, and age just as your career does. The scars and successes of your battles in the board room will be immortalized on this briefcase, telling both of your stories!

The Dedicated Student

Engineered and designed to provide the same kind of effortless simplicity and incredible utility that the classic US mail bags of the early 20th century brought to the table, the Stephen leather messenger bag is simple, straightforward, and almost understated in its design.

This makes it the perfect bag for students that need something to hold “everything and the kitchen sink” without getting cluttered or bogged down at the same time.

Water resistant and repellent, students won’t have to spend a tremendous amount of time with the care or upkeep of this leather messenger bag, either.

A generous application of Neatsfoot oil every six months or so will have this bag stand the test of time, helping students carry whatever it is they are loaded up with through classes, graduation, and into their professional lives.

The Worldwide Traveler

A jet setter needs to be able to count on the bags they stuff their lives into, especially as they jump from one global destination to another.

The bags need to be ridiculously strong and durable but still lightweight enough not to bog them down as they run from one terminal to the next. Plenty of storage space is critical, but not so much that the bag cannot be tossed into the overhead bin, onto the back of a motorbike taxi, or checked with an airline as they head out on another nomadic adventure.

The Go Forth Goods William duffle bag is designed with global travel in mind.

You get plenty of storage space with this handmade bag but won’t ever have to worry about checking it if you’re going to be loading up everything you own while skipping and hopping around the world. This bag has been designed to meet all carry-on size regulations, giving you the confidence to know that your global travel gear isn’t ever going to be out of your sight or out of your control.

Of course, the global traveler will be able to keep things even better organized by tossing one of the Go Forth Goods leather dopp kits into their bag. You’ll be able to guarantee you always look your very best – and refreshed – no matter how many frequent flyer miles you might be putting under your belt.

The Sophisticated Woman

The sophisticated women in your life aren’t going to settle for anything less than the very best, and why should they?

These discerning gift recipients are going to be over the moon when they get their hands on any of the beautiful leather tote bags handmade by us.

Offering plenty of size and storage for busy moms, working professionals, and the wonder women in our lives that tackle everything and anything life throws at them with the same kind of energy and passion, these bags are designed to be as capable and as flexible as the women that are using them!

Other Options for Those on a Budget

Of course, if you are having a tough time pigeonholing someone on your gift list this year, or if you want to make sure that your giving a “universal” gift that’s always going to be well received, you really can’t go wrong with a belt or wallet.

All the gear mentioned above feature that same full grain leather and handmade construction that we bring to the table.