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September 03, 2018 4 min read

The Modern Businessman’s Look Isn’t Complete Without a Classic Briefcase

Carrying the right briefcase is a game changer in today’s competitive work environment. You need something functional and dependable as your everyday working companion. So many of the briefcases in circulation are made overseas with less than quality materials.

“Genuine” Leather, pleather and cheap hardware can only get you so far. It’s only a matter of time before these bags break down and leave you high and dry and frankly unprepared for your business ventures. Go Forth Goods has several solutions to this problem.

All of our leather briefcases are handmade in America, affordably priced and backed with a lifetime guarantee. By using full grain leather and time-tested construction methods, these simply designed bags will complement your profession for a lifetime of use.

There’s a team of highly trained experts focusing on the smallest details to make sure you are entering the conference room in unbeatable style for every presentation. If you want to truly make a statement and stand out in today’s competitive workforce, pick up a one-of-a-kind, handmade briefcase from the makers at Go Forth Goods.


The Harris Briefcase

It’s important to give a stellar first impression when dealing with any sort of business. They say confidence is key no matter what your profession may be, and the Harris Briefcase gives you just that. Supple leather and clean simple lines give this bag a very professional look and feel.

This full grain leather briefcase features two exterior pockets, one that snaps for quick easy access and the other that zips for a more secure closure. These pockets are essential for on the go access to your smaller items.

The top opening YKK zipper opens smoothly and is wide enough to slide your 15” laptop down into the specially designed laptop pocket. A nice 5” depth ensures you’ll have plenty of room for your files and other belongings as well. Carry it by the grab handles or throw it over your shoulder with it’s comfortable 10oz thick shoulder strap as you head to your next appointment.Lawyers, Doctors and the like can’t get enough of this bag because of its traditional, everyday practicality. Whether in the office or the courtroom, you’ll be sure to turn a few heads with this heirloom quality briefcase.


The Cooper Satchel Briefcase

This handmade leather briefcase is something your grandfather most likely used in the olden days. Completely hand-stitched from start to finish, the Cooper Satchel is the last briefcase you will ever need. No machine comes near this bag, as it’s all crafted completely by hand; the way things use to be made.

The 10oz full grain leather gives this briefcase a sturdy structure, so you can be confident everything inside will stay protected and crisp for years to come. The saddle stitched interior has a laptop pocket and plenty of space for those standard accessories that accompany an extended business trip. The closure on this satchel bag features two solid brass buckles set in place by hand-peened brass rivets. It provides security while also maintaining that minimalistic appeal.

This old world style satchel perfectly compliments the modern business era. You can’t go wrong in choosing this sophisticated, handmade briefcase to complete your business persona. I guarantee you won’t find this quality of craftsmanship in a bag with this fair of a price tag anywhere else.


The Stephen Leather Messenger Bag

The Stephen Messenger Bag might just be Go Forth Good’s sleekest men’s leather bag yet. There’s a group of people who don’t exactly find themselves at home in the ‘briefcase crowd’. You are looking for something a bit more simple as your everyday carry bag. Well, this is it.

With one laptop pocket on the inside and one small exterior pocket perfect for your smaller items, the Stephen Messenger Bag is perfectly light enough to throw over your shoulder and go, for whatever situation is at hand. It’s 10oz adjustable shoulder strap gives it a nice, sturdy fit across your shoulder, turning soft and supple as it breaks in over time. Don’t need the shoulder strap for an occasion? No worries, just detach it for the time being and carry on.

Lots of people prefer the convenience of a messenger versus a briefcase or a backpack style bag. Ease of access, especially while on the go, is important. Whether you are walking through an airport or down a busy street sidewalk, you want to be able to access your belongings at a moment's notice. A messenger style bag at your hip allows you to conveniently access everything at your side without skipping a beat.

The front buckle closure on this bag is simple and minimalistic, giving this bag an A+ on the ‘Ease of Use’ scale. The solid brass buckle is accompanied by a strip of full grain leather and set in place by a couple of hand peened brass rivets. Basically, once this bag is closed, your stuff’s not going anywhere.

This messenger bag is perfect for the student, the business professional, and the man who just wants to keep things simple. Backed by Go Forth Goods lifetime guarantee, you can count on this bag for years to come.