How to Efficiently Pack a Duffle Bag

How to Efficiently Pack a Duffle Bag

Leather duffle bags are one of the most useful tools you can have. You can use it to go across the country or just across town. Plus, with proper care, your bag can outlast you! But simply having a duffle bag isn’t enough. If you want to make the most of it, you need to know how to pack it properly.

Some duffle bags open on the side and have a cinch-close, while others have zippers. Regardless, a properly packed bag means you can carry it with you easily --- and not have to worry about checking it. With how busy airports are these days, being able to simply grab your leather duffle bag from the overhead bin or from under your seat makes for faster, more convenient travel.

So pack your bag efficiently and skip the baggage carousel with these tips:

1. Organize Items in Smaller Compartments

The last thing you need while traveling is a tangled mess in your duffle bag. Group like items and place them in separate, smaller bags so you can quickly access the things you need. You could use whatever you have on hand, like plastic zipper bags, or invest in some durable stuff sacks in various sizes.

Grouping your items together also helps streamline airport security as well as unpacking once you’ve reached your destination. Need to quickly access your electronics for TSA screening? Done.

2. Plan Your Packing

When you are planning your trip, consider what you need to bring. For instance, if you’re going somewhere tropical, you may need a light rain jacket at best. But if you’re going somewhere cold, you may need a heavier jacket. You should also consider all the other items you need that won’t fit into a personal bag, like a backpack or purse.

When you’re packing, start with your shoes and other durable, heavy items on the bottom. Then, roll all of your clothes to save room. Pants and shirts should go on the bottom. If you have side pockets on your bag, use them for socks and underwear. Otherwise, roll them up and put them on top.

3. Consider How You’re Going to Pack On the Way Home

You may or may not be the kind of person who buys souvenirs wherever you go. If you are planning on buying souvenirs, plan your packing so you can bring them home. Either leave extra room in your duffle bag or make room in your personal bag.

You should also consider what you’re going to do with dirty clothes. Some people prefer keeping dirty clothes separate from leftover clean clothes. Others just don’t care. Either way, you need to figure out how you’re going to repack everything for your flight home (because somehow, dirty clothes always seem to take up more room!).

Get the Right Leather Duffle Bag for Your Travels

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